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Moving the ball in sequence

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3/16/2018 - We've released yet another Bowling Resource.   We launched the Bowling Ball Information page that will show an image, video, and some specifications about each bowling ball (when information is available).   Currently it has over 5700 bowling balls listed within it.    I've begun the work of obtaining and input all the information into the site.   This is a long process and to be quite honest the ball manufacturers are of no help on this project.   They have all basically said to take the images and specs from their site, but have no files available to provide.   So it is a manual process to find the information, download the image, upload the image and populate the database with it.   So it will take months to get everything available input, but so far about 200 balls have information on them.

This will be used to populate the drop downs for creating your own equipment locker.   I've also begun the process of working on the personal stats portion of the website.   This will allow users to input their own bowling scores and see all the data.   As you might imagine, I'm setting it up so you can put the 'primary ball' with each score.   More to come as development continues on that feature.

I hope you all enjoy the new information.    Anyone who is willing to help out or provide links can contact me through the Contact Us form.