Bowling Mechanics
Moving the ball in sequence

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Beta Testing is going very well.   We're still coming across some minor bugs, but they are the oddities that happen from time to time.   The overall functionality has been working well most of the season so I feel confident that things are in very good shape.

With that, I've begun the process of implementing more generic pieces to the site.   I've added a Bowling Resources menu option.   This includes some new functionality like finding Bowling Centers with the help of Google Maps.   It also includes some basic information about the center.   I've also included a Add Bowling Center Request Form, so you can get your own bowling center added to the map.

You will also find a new Bowling Score Calculator.   This includes the ability to mark frames with unique items like 'Splits', 'Washouts' and your 'Problem Pin' (for most right handed bowlers this is the 10 pin).   It's just a unique way to mark each frame.   You can also print the score sheet so you can review them later.

Hopefully you all enjoy the new features.  There are more coming in the future....